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Burn With Me
with an added bit of random

You know how teenagers are meant to have this whole angst-y “who am I?” period?
I missed out on that as a teen. I was 100% sure of who I was for the entirety of my school life, then doubly sure when I left school, worked for a year, then chose to go to university.
I’m not sure when my whole sense of self fell apart though.
tl:dr? Life story. A bit boring and whinyCollapse )

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I’m a writer.
All my friends know this, I talk about it enough. I write it down enough, I mention what I’m working on in conversations enough. They ask me how it’s going enough.
Now, if I was a friend of myself (weird concept, but I’ll deal with it) and I responded to the information that I am a writer with any of the following responses: “Hey, cool. You should show me your stories sometime.” “When you publish something, I’ll buy it” or “Great! What do you write about, I’d love to read it,” then I would think that the me that I am hearing this from would be correct in assuming my support in any writing endeavour that I get into.
So, the me that writes, sure of the support of many, many friends, decides it’s time to get some writing out there. So I create a blog.
Months after the establishment of said blog, I ask my friends “So, I have a new blog post, have you checked it out?” to which I get the response of “You have a blog?” (when I’ve only shouted it from the rooftops at every available opportunity) or “Oh, no. I haven’t, actually read any of it.”
Really. I’ve never been so frustrated with anything in my entire life. Why would you pledge your support for someone, then don’t even help with the first thing that comes up?
How many of my friends have told me they’d buy my book? At least 20. How many would I now be expecting to buy said book if I did publish one? Perhaps 2.
The things I hate more than anything else in the world is empty words and ritual pleasantries.
To see the evidence of empty promises in such a simple task, I have to wonder who the hell I’m writing for, because it’s certainly not the jerks who tell me what I want to hear.

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I haven’t posted in quite some time. I haven’t done much of anything for a while. To say that the past year has been crap is an understatement. As usual, there’s no shortage of things that are good, but there have been a ton of things to get me down.



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So… uh… yeah… That’s my rant about absolutely everything I’m thinking at the moment. Go visit my blog www.laurahmacrae.blogspot.com and when the movie, Cabin in the Woods comes out late this year in the US and hopefully slightly later or early next year everywhere else, go watch it (I suppose you should be into horror movie parodies first though). Amy Acker should be in more movies :P

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 This made me lol. A lot

Keep in mind this is all jokes and you should most definitely visit Australia coz it's awesomeCollapse )


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Random observation:

It is considerably less creepy, in screencapping a specific character in a show, when the show is some form of animation and not real people.
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 I come bearing a rec!

Okay, so that's what my last post was about, but this one is something new for me. A blog. A blog? I read blogs? Well, read on to find out...

Ever wondered how a mostly-hungover Aussie guy who used to be in a poetry boyband might rate things in his everyday life as?

Well, wonder no more!

The Spontaneity Review will answer many of your questions, and a lot more, about what goes on in the mind of someone who thinks too much.

From the blog:
The Spontaneity Review will rate things at the drop of a hat. It will review the hat. A haphazard and irrelevant blog with a heart of gold that will burn your face up. 2 stars. **

This blog never fails to give me a laugh. The link I posted first is to his review on swimming, and I guess some of them tend to be Australian-themed, like his reviews on Magaret Pomeranz, Brown Snakes and The Heat. And there are many a reference to drunkenness and/or nudity, but it's fairly tame nonetheless.

Check it out, if you have time. The swimming one is one of my favourites, as well as washing up, brown snakes and busking

You may laugh until your sides hurt at the amazing misadventures of Patrick Lenton. I know I do.

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I'd like to take a moment to pimp out my Sailor Moon comm


I'm totally new to the community, but it's a tonne of fun :)
So if you like Sailor Moon, come along to join in on the games and icon-making and general all-round fun :)

Join here!
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So, what was my point? I'm not entirely sure. I guess it was just to voice my frustration about the fact that I apparently had an English accent before I started school - Stupid school. I think if there was ever a reason to hate it, it would be that.Collapse )

On to matters that don't belong under a cut (or maybe they have a better reason for being under a cut than my other rant.)
I went to see the world premiere of Tomorrow When the War Began. Yes, there is a world premiere in Australia because it is an Australian movie. I'd love it if it moved on in the world - outside of Australia because 1. It is Australian and 2. It is based on one of my favourite books ever. So... here's the trailer. This is my first ever embed in a LJ entry, so you know it's gotta be special. I've seen this movie twice and it's not even out in cinemas until September 2, so you know I love it! Lol.

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So... I was looking for conventions in Sydney... because I've never been to one and it would be the ultimate geeky thing to do... And I was disappointed. No more in Sydney this year (that I'd be interested in) but some in Melbourne (which, of course, requires an airfare and accomodation costs).
I already knew that Sylvester McCoy would be at Armegeddon in Melbourne coz I entered a competition where I could have won a free trip there, so I checked the guest line-up to see if there was anyone else I'd like to get an autograph for while soaking up the ultimate geek experience. Amongst some non-star Dollhouse cast, some Stargate SG1 people I've heard of (or maybe it was Michael Shanks, I can't really remember) and someone from Dallas (lol) I found our very own seventh Doctor and... Sophie Aldred! Okay, two-for-two. I'm in. Bought tickets, conned my little bro (not really geeky, but a Doctor Who fan) into coming with me and bought tickets right away.
All I need now is his uni timetable for a departure time on Friday 15th October and I'm booking some flights and accomodation. How awesome!

Impulsive geekishness FTW!

I forgot to ask if anyone else wanted to come with? Convention dates are 16 and 17 October

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If you thought this was going to be some depressing commentary on something in real life, you'd be wrong. It's all about Doctor Who.

This is a ramble-y spoiler-y rant about the audio dramas and the Doctor's companion Charley. Don't click if you ever want to be surprised by anything about the life of Charlotte PollardCollapse )

Please don't click if you don't want to be spoiled by a ranting lunatic

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