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I haven't updated by bio in a long time, so lets have something simple:

Christian, writer, reader, bookkeeper, motorcycle rider, friendship-lover (ooh, doesn't that sound weird), crazy obsesser, grammar nazi.

I'm a boring, desk-bound bookkeeper by day, but by night... I sleep, actually. But when I can get some writing in, I'm a young adult, sci-fi/fantasy novelist (no, I haven't had anything published yet). I also obsess about Buffy, Firefly, Doctor Who, Sailor Moon and *mumble mumble* various other things that a 23 year old should probably have gotten over by now :)
I play WoW, I like roleplaying (tabletop, over internet. All is good), I sing (at church, mostly, but I have done the rare friend's wedding). I also ride a motorbike and have a tattoo (an orca, on my lower back). This is me http://www.facebook.com/eyliena

I'm not on Livejournal as much as I'd like to be, and I guess I'm pretty boring/ranty/weird. But I try.

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